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             Frenchman's Bend Homeowners Association

We all have enough stress in our daily lives.  We just want to come home to a relaxing  environment.

That's exactly what the Frenchman's Bend Homeowners Association sets out to help you do.  Our organization is dedicated to maintaining a first class subdivision, while helping to enhance and protect the property values for all homeowners.   Frenchman's Bend offers you security and a friendly social environment.  The Frenchman's Bend Homeowners Association welcomes you to our site and invites you to checkback often.

Covenants and Restrictions

View/Download/Print Covenants from all units in Frenchman's Bend.
The Frenchman's Bend Golf and Health Club is a  seperate entity from the HOA.  It is privately owned.

The HOA feels it is necessary for all of us to support the club in every way possible.  It is the core of our neighborhood, and it's success helps us maintain  our property values, and our way of life in Frenchman's Bend.

Please support the Frenchman's Bend Golf Club.

Thank you.

Important Dates -

  June 21st   Annual HOA Meeting  - Clubhouse
  June 28th  Monthly HOA Board Meeting
  July 4th
   Family Fun Day
  August 13th
   Annual Garage Sale - New Date
   Monthly HOA Board Meeting

News & Information



6:30 p.m. - Clubhouse

Please plan to attend the annual Homeowners Meeting.

We will be reviewing HOA activities for the past year, and plans for the 2016/2017 year.

If you are interested in joining the HOA Board, please contact the HOA ahead of the meeting.  We are looking for 3 dedicated neighbors to join the volunteer board.  At a minimum, it requires attendance at monthly HOA Board meetings.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

Note - This date is correct.  The date published in the "Around the Bend" magazine is incorrect.

The Homeowners Associations Presents -

Breakfast with the
Easter Bunny

Saturday, MARCH 19th

2 Seatings (9 or 10 a.m.)
Call for Reservations
  807 - 0839

Resident children under 12 years of age... EAT FOR FREE.

Adult buffet available.

Note - This date is correct.  The date published in the "Around the Bend" magazine is incorrect.

NEW DATE - August 13th

7 - 11 a.m.

As usual, the HOA will provide advertising and extra Sheriff patrols.  

Note - This date is correct.  The date published in the "Around the Bend" magazine is incorrect.


It's time for...

Breakfast with Santa

Saturday, December 5th
2 Seatings - 9 or 10 a.m.

Reservations Required -
807 - 0839

Resident children under 12 years of age... EAT FOR FREE.

Adult buffet available.

Frenchman's Bend
Holiday Decorating Contest

Unpack your holiday decorations and light up your house.  It's time to show your spirit with festive outdoor lights and decor.

Themes for Judging (by unit) -
     Through a Child's  Eyes  
     Beauty of Christmas  
     Grand Prize (1 award)

Judging to be the week of December 14th

Prizes Awarded

All Homeowners in Frenchman's Bend are invited to attend the....


Tuesday, June 30th
6:00 pm
at the Clubhouse

Come and hear the latest news on neighborhood upgrades, events, topics of concern, the budget, etc.  

A meeting notice has been mailed to all homeowners.  Anyone interested in joining the HOA Board, please complete the lower portion of the form and return to our P.O. Box PRIOR to the meeting.

We encourage all residents to attend. 

        See you there!

July 4th

When:     July 4th           

Where:    Clubhouse Area 

Who:       ALL Homeowners - Not open to Public


  Fireworks at Dusk  

  Live Music   

  • Face Painting
  • Jumpers
  • Snow Cones
  • & more…
Food  specials will  be available from Club.

Please purchase all beverages at the club.  
No private beverages allowed.

Follow the latest details on Facebook.

New Construction, Additions and Remodels

Plans for ALL new construction and ALL  exterior renovations, exterior remodeling, building additions, fences, etc.... MUST BE APPROVED by the Frenchman's Bend HOA prior to construction commencing. 

This applies to ALL construction in ALL units - 1 through 10.   Plans need to meet the guidelines listed in the Covenants and Restrictions (per applicable unit).

Please contact the Association to submit your plans prior to starting any construction -- applies to big projects and small projects.   It is a simple, but required process.  

Any questions, please contact the HOA.   Thank You.


Driving Through Frenchman's Bend                                                          

Please control your vehicle's speed.  Excessive speed continues to be a problem in the neighborhood.    Frenchman's Bend is ALL residential and the speed limit throughout is 25 mph.   Men and women, young and old, residents and non-residents, are ALL guilty of speeding.  

For the safety of our children and property, PLEASE make a conscious effort to lower your speed.